Step 3: Plan the survey

A workplan will be very useful at this stage. This toolkit includes a pre-prepared workplan that includes all the steps included in these guidelines. Each part of the process has a suggested person in charge. The duration of each stage is roughly as follows:

  • Training the data collection team will take 1 – 2 days depending on their experience and capacity.
  • The length of time needed for data collection will depend on your sample size and the number of clients served by your programme each day. At a minimum, we suggest a one week data collection period.
  • Data entry will depend on the sample size and questionnaire length, but generally a data entry clerk can enter 200-300 questionnaires per day. A further day should be planned to ‘clean’ the dataset.
  • The toolkit comes supplied with analysis tools which will make the an
    alysis of the wealth level of clients quick and easy.
  • The final stage is to interpret the results and disseminate findings, which should be given plenty of time and attention.
This video explains how to use the template workplan and also outlines all the tasks you will have to complete to do the survey.

Step 4: Sampling
Step 2: Identify the team that will implement the survey