Step 5: Obtain the relevant approvals and permissions

In order to complete the survey, you will need the permission of the clients that you interview, the franchisees you will be collecting data at and any relevant local authorities.

Franchisees: once you have determined which franchisees you will be collected data at, you will need to contact each of them. You should explain why the survey is important, exactly what will happen during data collection, how the data will be used and how it will be kept safe. You should then request permission from each of them.

Clients: The facility staff should explain to all clients, either when they arrive at the facility or when they have finished at the facility, that they may be asked to be interviewed. When the data collection team selects a client for interview, they will ask them for permission to interview them, as specified in the client permission sheet provided in the Annexes. Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary, and the client should only be interviewed if they agree having understood all the information on the client permission sheet.

Local authorities: whether you need any permissions from local authorities will vary by location.

Step 6: Train the data collection team
Step 4: Sampling