Step 7: Data collection

interview4As with any project in the field, getting the logistics right from the start will make things much smoother. Logistical requirements will depend on your local context. You’ll need to take care of transportation, supply of questionnaires, any approvals needed from local government, stationery and so on.

The data quality will be much better with proper supervision. Supervisors have three main tasks:

  • Observe interviews: a supervisor should be present at 10% of each interviewer’s interviews. They will observe the interview technique used and ensure that the answers have been correctly recorded.
  • Check questionnaires: all questionnaires should be checked at the end of the day if possible. This will help identify any common errors and catch them early.
  • Support the data collection team and answer any questions and resolve any problems.
Step 8: Data entry
Step 6: Train the data collection team